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About Us

Exporters.SG is a global business-to-business (B2B) marketplace with over 500 product categories. Using Trust Points Trust Points , we help you find better trading partners. Quick Tour.

How We Begin

Inspired by the growth of the Internet and the potential for yet more growth, It was envisioned that an online exchange could reduce transaction and marketing costs for participating businesses. Exporters.SG was created back in 1998 with a single vision in mind: To be an online business exchange for businesses worldwide. And we have built hundreds of trade networks to fulfil this mission.

How We Do it

Market Synergy Through Trade Networks
To facilitate businesses worldwide, we put similar businesses together into groups which we call Trade Networks. Each trade network represents a unique trade community by itself. Members communicate with one another, exchanging market information and thus forming collaborative market power to improve their businesses.

Value-creation Through Innovative Online Services
Since the beginning, the team believes breaking the old rules. We launched several new concepts and services like Trade Networks, Trust Points and more. But innovation is only valuable when they can satisfy our members' needs. Our active members provide constant flow of fresh ideas everyday on how we can further improve.

Low Cost services Through Scalability
With thousands of members, we are able to develop and offer services at low and competitive prices. In addition, we are able to form alliances with other services providers to serve the diverse needs of our members.